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Is your Snowmobile Winter Ready
Trail Safety
Summer Storage
Winter Tips

Making it winter ready:

Performance Tune-Up:
Check the drive belt for wear, replace if required.
Clean and adjust carburetor.
Remove and inspect spark plugs. It is best if you change them and gap properly.
Install new gas filter.
Check the throttle cable for rust, kinking and bending. Definitely make sure it is not sized.
Must check kill switch.
Check oil in chain case, fill if required.
Check and fill oil for oil injection models.
Check coolant for liquid-cooled models.
Install water eliminator to remove water/condensation from your fuel tank.
Check battery for electric start models.

Physical Check-Up:
Check all lights, replace if necessary.
Check steering and grease it.
Check carbide runners and skies.
Align front skies to manufacturer's specs.
Check the brakes; replace pads and cables if necessary.
Check front shocks and front suspension, replace if necessary.
Check rear suspension, replace bearings if seized or worn.
Lube rear suspension.
Check sliders and rear shocks.
Check overall track condition.
Check for cracks in windshield and body. It is a sign that it will be a bigger problem later.

Before you head out to the trail:
Check oil and coolant levels.
Check the drive belt for wear and tear.
Check water eliminator, replace if half full.
Check throttle and brake cables.
Check local trail condition.
Check the local weather.

Necessary things to carry with you:
Must have a spare drive belt.
Spare set of spark plugs.
Small tool kit.
Extra liter of oil and coolant.
First aid/survival kit.
Extra glove and socks.
Cell phone

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