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Is your Snowmobile Winter Ready
Trail Safety
Summer Storage
Safety Tips

Stay on marked snowmobile trails - Marked trails offer signs that alert snowmobilers to trail changes, bridges, stops, curves, etc.
Respect private property and stay on the trail - Objects may be hidden under the snow off marked snowmobile trails.
Ride for the conditions - Many accidents involve hitting a fixed object, fence, tree, rock or other objects.
Know the trail or terrain - Riding on frozen lakes is especially dangerous early or late in the season. Hidden objects on lakes hit at high speeds can result in serious accidents.
Slow it down, especially at night - Maximum speed allowed on public land, roadside ditches and groomed trails in Ontario is 50 KMs.
Ride Sober, Arive Alive - No alcohol or drugs - Even a small amount of alcohol can impair judgment and response time significantly.
Reminder - You must have a valid trail pass to ride our trails.

Before you head out to the trail:
Check oil and coolant levels.
Check the drive belt for wear and tear.
Check water eliminator, replace if half full.
Check throttle and brake cables.

Necessary things to carry with you:
Must have a spare drive belt.
Spare set of spark plugs.
Small tool kit.
Extra liter of oil and coolant.
First aid/survival kit.
Extra glove and socks.
Cell phone

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