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Riders must review conditions that exclude OFSC liability at www.ofsc.on.ca
Trail Permits
This year, OFSC Trail Permits will be available on-line only, starting on Oct 1, at permits.ofsc.on.ca
Permit prices for 2022-24 are as follows:.

$214 for seasonal on or before November 1
$244 for seasonal on or before December 1
$294 for seasonal after December 1

$171.20 for classic on or before December 1
$201.20 for classic after December 1

(service fees apply for the on-line purchase)

As in previous years, there are gradual price increases later in the season.

When buying your permit on-line, in support of "Buy where you ride", please select your home club as the Rideau Snowmobile Club.
This ensures that your permit money is returned to your club trails.

Click on the button below to buy your 2024 Permit online starting on Oct 1!

Buy Permits ON-LINE

Thank you for supporting the Rideau Snowmobile Club!

2022-23 Seasonal Permits

To buy online, you will need:
Snowmobile ownership (year/make/model/license plate/VIN)
Valid email address
Name of the OFSC club you wish to support
Valid Visa or Mastercard
If you bought online last year, simply access your account to view the information you have on file, update it as needed and you're good to go!
Go Online at https://permits.ofsc.on.ca/
Make sure you choose "Rideau Snowmobile Club" when you buy your permit!


Buy Permits ON-LINE

Early Permit Buying Made Easy!
1. Go Online at https://permits.ofsc.on.ca/
2. Designate your club, place your order and pay by credit card.
3. Get your permit(s) in the mail.
Buy Permits ON-LINE

A snowmobile operator must always have on their person or sled:

- 2022-23 Snowmobile Trail Permit with permit receipt .
- Valid driver's license or Snow Vehicle Operator's License.
- Proof of snowmobile ownership.
- Sled registration.
- Proof of sled insurance.
- Approved snowmobile helmet for everyone.

Per section 3. (3) (a)(b) of the M.S.V.A., the trail permit is valid only when permanently affixed to the bottom edge of the centre of the windshield, or on top and to the left of centre of the engine cowling as close as possible to the centre of the windshield, without obscuring or being obscured by the registration number required to be displayed on the vehicle. The tail permit must be fully visible to a person sanding 10 metres in front of the machine on its entre line.

A replacement permit will cost you $15.00 and unwanted hassle, so don't lose it! Follow these simple steps to ensure that the special cold weather glue is properly activated when affixing our permit to your sled.

It is important to remove previous permit and adhesive prior to affixing your new trail permit. Residue adhesive can be removed by using mild solvents designed for that purpose. Be sure to test the solvent in an inconspicuous area to ensure it will not damage the surface.

Ensure the surface is clean and wax-free. Apply the permit at room temperature. In cold weather, use a hair dryer to pre-heat the surface and the permit before application. Apply firm, even pressure to seal the edges and remove all air pockets.

Buy Before You Ride!

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