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Trail Improvements and Changes

Looking forward to the upcoming season. RSC continues to plan improvements to the trail infrastructure. RSC applied for and received funding through the District One Mini Development Grant program to help with the cost of redecking two bridges. This work will be completed before the snow falls. A bridge on the Smith’s Falls trail will be replaced and the Club will continue its program of brushing to widen and improve sight lines for safer two way traffic in the bush trails. We are in the later stages of this program now with lighter but more frequent brushing required. Any help you can offer here goes a long way towards eliminating those annoying face slappers. Get a hold of any executive member to volunteer.

As a result of RSC withdrawal from the BEAST, RSC will no longer maintain the portion of trail in Smith Falls’ from Highway 15 to the Swing Bridge. We will however continue to maintain the new portion of the E104 opened last season.

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