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Trail Improvements and Changes

Trail maintenance, bridge refurbishing and brushing are continuing commitments since RSC is responsible for 140KM of trails and 12 bridges. Approximately 50% of our trail system is located on private property including substantial farmlands so landowner requests for minor movements of trails to accommodate specialty crops are common. Most projects are completed in late fall.

For 2019/2020 season, RSC embarked on three projects.

RSC received funding through UCSR Mini Development Grant program to help with the cost of replacing the 20-plus year old bridge on trail RSC52 and this project was completed in October, 2019.

RSC announced in November, 2019 the introduction of a NEW Snowmobile Staging Area for trailer parking at the corner of Perkins Drive and Roger Stevens Drive in North Gower immediately East of Marlborough Pub & Eatery and just 1KM from Tops A trail.

Executive members finalized a route with Landowners to build a trail to the NEW Ultramar gas station/Tim Hortons drive-thru on Roger Stevens Drive in Kars. This included the building of a new bridge. Trail is ready to open once we receive enough snow.

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