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Riders must review conditions that exclude OFSC liability at www.ofsc.on.ca
Link to Ontario Federation Of Snowmobile Clubs


Visit the Ontario Federation Of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC) web site for more info on snowmobiling in Ontario Canada.


District 1 www.district1ofsc.ca
District 2 www.district2ofsc.ca/
District 3 www.ofscdistrict3.com
District 4 District 4 Link down Checkout local clubs - www.sno-kickers.com or www.snowclub.ca
District 5 www.ofscdistrict5.com
District 6 www.snowcountryscsa.ca
District 7 www.ofscdistrict7.com
District 8 www.most.on.ca
District 9 www.ofscdistrict9.ca
District 10 www.pssd.ca
District 11 www.nnta.ca
District 12 www.ofscdistrict12.com
District 13 www.algomatrails.com
District 14 www.tata-bestsnowmobiling.com
District 15 www.northerncorridor.ca
District 16 District 16 Closed Checkout local clubs - www.sno-kickers.com or www.snowclub.ca
District 17 www.nwosta.ca

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