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About the Rideau Snowmobile Club

Welcome to the The Rideau Snowmobile Club website. The RSC grooms and maintains 160 kilometres of snowmobile trails in the mostly rural area southwest of the old city of Ottawa. New city boundaries mean all but 25 kilometres or 16% of the system is inside the greater city of Ottawa. The Rideau River, which flows north to the locks in Ottawa, makes up our southern and eastern borders. Smiths Falls in the west, North Gower in the east and Burritts Rapids in the south can be directly accessed by our trails.

We have links to Osgoode Snowmobile Club, Kemptville Snowmobile Club, Ashton & District Snowmobile Association, and Richmond Snow Rovers. We are part of District One of the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs. Between 350 and 400 people each season become RSC members. Direction for trail maintenance, fund raising, grooming operations and taking care of all the paperwork related to operating 100 miles of trail, comes from an Executive of up to 20 RSC members.

Snowmobiling in the area has reaped the benefits of strong partnerships between the Club, community based businesses and local governments. The trails in the Marlborough Forest, which lies to the west and north of the prime farmlands of North Gower and Richmond, benefit from a cooperative effort between the Club and the city.

While permit sales provide the bulk of monies for operating expenses on our system, we have had a great deal of success with events such as our Fall Freeze Up Dance and Rideau Grand Rally. Typically revenue raised through these events allows us to purchase new signage, build new bridges or complete other projects that might otherwise have to wait until extra permit revenue can be found. Paying for, maintaining and fuelling the grooming equipment consumes the majority of the permit revenue each season.

With this website we hope to provide you with information that will enhance your snowmobiling experience on our trails. We have a GPS based map which can be downloaded and printed. We have upcoming events and news, a photo gallery and as always we are open to suggestions on other things you might want to see on the site or the trails.


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